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I am Astrophysicist staff researcher at LUPM

The LUPM (Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier) is located in the campus of University Montpellier II. The laboratory is part of the CNRS. It depends on the institute of particle physics and nuclear physics (IN2P3), on the institute of the sciences of universe (INSU) and on the institute of physics (INP).
My scientific interests:  My research activity covers different fields of astrophysical research: high-energy (X- and gamma-ray) astrophysics, radiative transfer and particle acceleration in compact objects (jets and accretion disc coronae), radiative transfer in special and general relativity, cosmic-ray research: the sources of cosmic rays, the propagation of cosmic rays in the interstellar medium, magneto-hydrodynamic turbulence in the interestellar medium. I am using analytical (kinetic theory, magnetohydrodynamic), numerical (magnetohydrodynamic, particle-in-cell, Monte-Carlo) methods as well as some modelling (one zone model of high energy sources).

A short curriculum vitae: I started my research career in the domain of high-energy astrophysics. I developped during my PhD (defended in 1996) a model of radiative transfer and particle acceleration in relativistic extragalactic jets in quasars. As a postdoctoral fellow (1997-1999) I moved to the field of shock acceleration in non-relativistic flows and investigated particle acceleration using a Monte-Carlo type method based on stochastic differential equations. I applied this technique later on in the context of radio galaxy jets and supernova remnants. In (october) 1999 I was graded as staff research at the CNRS. I progressively moved to the field of cosmic ray physics. From 2004, I was involved in the superbubble model as sources of galactic cosmic rays. During the period 2006-2010, I developped different analytical and numerical models of particle acceleration in supernova remnant shocks. I defended my habilitation thesis in (july) 2009. From 2011, I progressively included the investigation of cosmic ray propagation in the interstellar medium in my research using numerical simulations coupling kinetic and magnetohydrodynamic calculations.
I am part of the High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) collaboration since 2004, part of the Cerenkov Telescope Array (CTA) collaboration since 2011. Since 2013 I am member of the Astro MeV consortium.

Regular mail: LUPM, Université Montpellier II,
place E.Bataillon, cc072,
34095 Montpellier, cedex 05, France
Mail: Alexandre[dot]Marcowith[at]univ-montp2[dot]fr
Phone: +33 467 14 42 57